Fact Finding Missions

Fact-finding missions are country visits carried out in the context of the Communications procedure of the Committee. Pursuant to the Guidelines for Consideration of Communications and Monitoring Implementation of Decisions, the Committee may undertake on-site investigations to ascertain alleged facts when it deems necessary. Such missions are undertaken to assist the Committee to make informed decisions on provisional measures as provided under Section VII(3)(i) or decisions on the merits of the alleged violations as provided under Section XV of the Guidelines. The findings of the Committee from its on-site investigations inform the decision of the Committee and the activities of the mission form part of the decisions. By the same token, the Committee could undertake fact-finding missions to ascertain alleged facts before it which require its decision beyond the Communications Procedures.
State Party Fact-Finding Mission Mission Date Mission Report
SUDAN SUDAN Investigation Mission in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions of the Republic of Sudan 07 Mar 2018