ACERWC Mandate


The mandate of the Committee is derived from Articles 32-45 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. Article 42 of the Charter spells out the main functions of the Committee which are:

  • Promotion and protection of children’s rights;
  • Monitor the implementation of the Charter;
  • Interpret the Provisions of the Charter; and
  • Other tasks entrusted to it by the Assembly of the Heads of States and Governments and Organs of the African Union.

To carry out and deliver on its mandates, the Committee undertakes various activities in line with the provisions of the Charter. From articles 42-45 of the Charter and the Rules of Procedures of the Committee, the following are some of the main mandates and activities of the Committee;

  • Consideration of State Party Reports on the status of the implementation of the Charter;
  • Consideration of Communications on alleged violations of the Charter
  • Investigations/Country visits to assess the implementation of the Charter
  • Development of Norms and Standards in the form of General Comments and Guidelines on matters covered by the Charter
  • Undertake research and studies on children’s rights issues in the Continent
  • Lead the Celebration of the Day of the African Child
  • Issue Resolutions, Declarations, Statements, and Letter of Urgent Appeals
  • Monitor the Implementation of Agenda 2040

The Committee, in fulfilling its mandate, may also establish special mechanisms and assign specific tasks or mandates to either an individual member or a group of members for the preparation of its sessions or the execution of special programs, studies, and projects.